PVC Green Hazmat Suit

Providing instant safe-use times for over 4000 chemicals, multilayer, high barrier films laminated to spunbond PP substrate 190gsm,  Tough and durable fabric”1. Superior multi-layer barrier polymer construction laminated to spunbond PP substrate to provide a permeation barrier against a wide range of hazardous and toxic chemicals.


Coverall with elasticated hood cuffs and ankles, double zip & storm flap front closure3. Extruded fabric construction results in smoother and more consistent fabric than bonded or glued competitors. Superior softness and flexibility and more consistent chemical barrier 5. European manufactured fabric6. Tested against a full range of chemical warfare agents for anti-terror and civil defense operations7. Cushioned double-layer knee pads for increased comfort and safety8. Improved super -B style coverall: superior fit, wearability, and durability9. Double zip/storm flap fastening, elasticated hood, waist, cuffs, and ankles, individually vacuum-packed “super B” pattern10. Soft and flexible material compared to other garments of a similar protection level.


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