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  • safety-jacket-500x500

    All Type of Safety Jacket

  • Life Jacket

    All Type of Life Jacket

  • Barricade tape 2

    Barricade Tape

    Barricade tape is made with durable, resilient, tear-proof plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, or nylon. Different manufacturers offer different sizes and thicknesses of barricade tape. Barricade tape often has a bright background and pre-printed bold warning text. It is also possible to purchase plain barricade tape and write a custom message on it. However, care should be taken when using custom tape, as barricade tape designs may be required to comply with regulations, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulations (when used for purposes subject to regulation by these organizations) in the USA.

  • Flexible Posts

    Flexible Posts / Spring Posts

    • Usage/Application Road Safety
    •  Color Red, White
    •  Frame Material  – PVC
    •  Total Height – 3 Feet
    •  Is It Flexibility – Flexible
    •  Base Diameter  – 3 Inch
  • Megaphone 1


    All ABS body, sturdy yet lightweight. Built-in Siren. Clear sound, long-range & efficient design. Microphone with Volume Control & Press-to-Talk Switch.

  • Rechargeable LED Road Traffic Safety Baton Light with 2 Flashing Modes (Red & Green)

    Rechargeable LED Road Traffic Safety Baton Light with 2 Flashing Modes (Red & Green)

    With ultra-bright light, our hand-held traffic conductor LED light stick can be an indicator when parking or any other traffic command, also traffic controls, emergency alerts, parking guides, construction crews, etc.

    Ideal for Parking Guides or School Road-crossing etc. Also Good for Dog Walkers Safety. Its bright LED flashing makes it visible to drivers and keeps you and your pet safe while night walking.

  • Road speed breaker

    Road Speed Breaker

    Providing you the best range of plastic speed breakers, road speed breakers, speed breakers, speed bumps, and road safety breakers with effective & timely delivery.

  • Road Safety Cones

    Safety Traffic Cones (Heavy Duty)

    Polymer Materials lined with reflective tape. Traffic cones are usually used to divert traffic. The reflective sleeves are for nighttime visibility; the bosses at the top ease handling and can be used for attaching caution tape or traffic Chain. Material: Polymer.

  • Solar Road Studs

    Solar Road Studs

    We design and make Solar Road Studs that provide clear and ocular traffic guidance, in all conditions of weather. It has an advanced sensor that automatically starts flashing immediately when the atmosphere becomes dark (during the night or cloudy conditions). These are ideal for highways, roads, and pathways.

  • traffic convex mirror

    Traffic Convex Mirror


  • Tuff Road Safety Plastic Traffic Barrier

    Tuff Road Safety Plastic Traffic Barrier

    Our TUFF brand barricades are Made from modified plastic material with additives for very high impact resistance. We have used UV Stabilised colors so that they can give a long-lasting performance in outdoor applications.

  • Under Vehicle Search Mirror

    Under Vehicle Search Mirror Trolley, For Industrial Use

    • It is trolley mounted with a handle
    • Lightweight & easy to handle
    • Comes with a torch for night vision
    • With castor wheels